High Speed and Efficient Air Sorter driven by NETRA Machine Vision System

SUKA, our AI-powered Air Sorting solution, is a modular, plug and play high speed mechanical sorting machine designed to handle high volumes of dry waste sorting. It is combination of high speed acceleration belt, NETRA Vision System, high speed pneumatics valves operated using one touch screen panel for operators

NETRA AI powered Machine Vision helps Suka to identify precisely different plastic in mix dry waste on high speed conveyor to sort with polymers such as PET, PP, HDPE with colors, brands, size sorting.

It helps to achieve circular economy and being environment friendly by improving high rate of ejection of plastic recyclables.

Suka Air Sorter available from 800 to 2800mm execute 2 to 3 metre/second and sort from 2 to 8 tons per hour of Plastic Sorting