Our Solutions

Ishitva designs and builds Waste Sorting Plants and Solutions using Industry 4.0 Technologies


Machine Vision System

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AI Powered Air Sorting

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AI Powered Robotic Sorting

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Smart Bin

IoT Enabled Bins

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Some Features that Made us Unique

Better Revenue

Higher Recovery of Plastics PET, PP, HDPE with Purity results into High Revenue. Provide Unique Solution to sort further Mix Categories Plastic Recyclables into Color, Brands, Shapes.

Higher Efficiency

Consistent Ejection of Recyclables by Robot and Air Sorter prevents losses typical of manual processes and other technology

Cost Effective

NETRA AI Machine Vision is build using Neural Networks and connected to AI Waste Plant Management Software which results in saving on other Technologies and Increases Efficiency of Recovery of Waste

Health & Safety

Automating sorting reduces manual sorting process which prevents sorters to deal with dangerous material and decreases accidents improves well being and health.

Smooth Operations

Waste Management AI Platform provides Monitoring of Collection, Material Handling and provides Analytics and Predictions for smooth operations.

Modular Installations

Modular design fits easily in existing facilities without adding retrofits cost or major downtime leads to quick start