This system identifies waste recyclables on a conveyor belt like a human

NETRA is our proprietary in-house developed AI powered machine vision having a wide range of potential applications across industries.

As one of the first applications, this system has already trained millions+ images of recyclables with different polymers, brands, color categories and now being used at the material recover facilities (MRF) for dry waste sorting.

The system provides insights and instruction for sorting and segregating operations of material flowing on any conveyor belt which typically requires human interventions for decision making.

NETRA provides high end machine vision plug and play features such as integration with any industrial sensors and high end cameras (2D, 3D and hyperspectral cameras), providing complex computer vision algorithms from learning to classificaiton, localization, segmentation and later integrating with different industrial robots, air sorters or any mechanical unit.

NETRA provides a simple User Interface for the operation managers and enable them to control the operation with ease. They can easily visualize and select the desired materials to be sorted by providing the input to the system. The system can identify the desired material on a running conveyor and provide instructions to robots or air sorting system to perform pick or ejection to the bins.

NETRA equipped with IOT Integration continuosly feeds data to our cloud-platform ishitvAI database which further enables providing real-time operation data via a live dashboard, includes monitoring and analytics of sorting performed by the system. This is also accessible through mobile for plant supervisor or operators.